The ministry’s mission is to combine faith, family, and finance as a holistic approach to improving the discipline of personal financial management and promote knowledge sharing for all.  We do this by educating the entire family.  We make building knowledge and changing habits our top priority in establishing a solid financial act of responsibility, while using fun and understandable financial practices to influence change in the hearts, minds, and discipline of God’s people; Bible Way Church family, other Christians and the surrounding community. Driving change by promoting  financial awareness, commitment to take action, and strengthening one’s financial positions by embracing sound financial stewardship as a standard of an individual’s life.

Principle Goals

  • The Finance Principles Ministry aims to increase the financial knowledge, discipline, and faith of Christian individuals and their family through the principles of God’s holy word.
  • The Finance Principles Ministry aims to improve Christian’s standard of financial stewardship to promote generational transformation.
  • The Finance Principles Ministry aim is to share the love of God through servant leadership.
  • To ensure that we demonstrate our faith by being the change that Christ wants to see in the world, and living a purpose driven life by sharing our God given gifts and talents related to the ministry of finance.


Ministry Director Tasha Colbert