To help people become aware that there is an abundance of information, assistance, and care available to cancer patients, survivors and family members. We also aim to provide support and guidance, encouraging you with hope, faith, and the will to fight.



Our mission is to provide care and support for those affected by cancer and supporting a network of church-based cancer care ministries. We Are On A Mission For Christ. Our goal is to promote an understanding of care and bring inspiration and innovation to every individual who has or has had cancer in their life; to let the patients and their families know that they are not alone. Because our ministry starts with care, we are always here to help. We also hope to serve our community and others by supplying a wide range of information on cancer ministry. Each one teach one, so that we can grow in the love of Christ thereby strengthening our forces of hope and love for our loved ones as well as others.

Ministry Director Carlene Roy