Overflowing its rented storefront in the 1500 block of 7th Street, NW, by 1936, the Church bought its first land and began building in the 1100 block of New Jersey Avenue, NW.  Expansion has continued up to the present, and today the Church and its affordable housing affiliates own the west side of both the 1000 and 1100 blocks of New Jersey Avenue, NW.  Since its inception, the Church has sought to fill not only the spiritual needs, but also the physical needs of the surrounding community, and over the course of the years they have sponsored over 400 units of housing for families earning as little as 30 percent of Area Median Income.  Bible Way continues to look for more ways to serve the community, and presently, additional units are on the Church’s drawing board.

Following the death of Bishop Smallwood E. Williams in 1991, Apostle James Silver was appointed pastor. After serving the church faithfully for over 20 years, he was named Pastor Emeritus upon his retirement in March, 2013. Apostle Silver was succeeded in ministry by Elder Ronald L. Demery, Jr who was named as Interim Pastor and is the former leader of the church’s youth ministry.