“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33)”. This scripture has proven to be the guiding principal for Lady LaShawn Demery’s spiritual walk. Fueled by her passion for hands-on service, she touches people in a way that leads to the introduction and or restoration back to God.

Lady Demery contributes her spiritual heritage to her grandmother, the late Jimmie L. Davis and Metropolitan Baptist Church, under the leadership of Dr. H. Beecher Hicks. Her spiritual formation began as a child, when she was introduced to the Christian fundamentals which later served as the foundation that drew her to desire a relationship with Jesus Christ and to be of service to others.

As a child, Lady Demery often recalls her grandmother and mother assisting others in need.  Memories of servant-hood, love, and compassion profoundly impacted Lady Demery and shaped her views of ministry in the kingdom of God. During her early years of service to God, she was active on the Junior Usher Board, the Youth Choir, and  the Sunday School Department.  Her speaking skills were honed by participating in various oratorical contests; however, her passion for service was developed by visiting facilities for the elderly community.

Her spiritual lineage continued under the leadership of Apostle James Silver and Bible Way Church of Washington, DC. Throughout her 21-year membership at Bible Way, she held many roles in support of her husband of 22 years,  Bishop Ronald Demery, Jr., and his work in ministry.   Bishop and Lady Demery, are the parents of three talented  children:  Aniya, James, and Autumn who are also actively involved in ministry.

In 2007, Lady Demery would be thrust into a forefront position serving as Assistant Director of the Youth Ministry “Generation Next” alongside her husband for over 7 years. During their tenure with Generation Next, the youth of Bible Way participated in multiple conferences, community service projects, The Angel Tree, and Camp Joy. Currently, she serves as the Ministry Servant Leader of S.O.A.R. (Sisters On Assignment 2 Rise), Bible Way’s women’s ministry. This ministry’s vision is to see women engaged, enlightened and empowered to SOAR by embracing the Word of God through the love and practical teachings of Jesus Christ.

Lady Demery envisions the church as a village of believers living their lives submitted to the power of the Holy Spirit  operating in the totality of the expressed love of Jesus Christ. She believes exposure to higher education (both secular and theological) along with sound Bible-based teachings of the birth, death and resurrection of Christ are necessary tools to be empowered to live a spiritually balanced and fully engaged Christian centered life. Her favorite expression of God’s love and the church is “Your voice has value in the village.”

Finally, Lady Demery is forging the next chapters of her spiritual lineage with her husband as they serve in ministry together.  Service and humility are the focal points of their ministerial heritage. Believing that every member is valuable, they both maintain a hands-on approach to ministry. Lady Demery holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from American University.  She began her graduate career at Georgetown University pursuing a graduate degree in religious studies and is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts from Wesley Theological Seminary.


First Family

Aniya, Lady LaShawn, Bishop Ronald  L. Demery, Jr.

Autumn and James